The history of BTVFD3

Butler Township Volunteer Fire District 3 will celebrate our eight-year anniversary on January 1, 2022.  
The BTVFD3 was officially formed in January 1, 2014 with the merger of three companies which each had their own long history of service.  Lyndora VFC was create in 1922, Meridian VFC created in in 1931, and Greenwood Village VFD created in 1948.   Each of these companies was created by active citizens in those communities who saw the need for this service and pursued the activities required to get the money, volunteers, training, and equipment to create them from scratch.   Each company has a long proud history of serving their communities.    In 2013, the merger activities were jointly planned by these individual company officers and they began operation as a unified company in July, even though the legal process for the merger completed January 1, 2014.

Greenwood Village Volunteer Fire Department

The Greenwood Village Volunteer Fire Department was proud to celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2008, having been establish in 1948. We are tucked away in the northwest region of the Township and are the primary response department for Butler Township’s most commercial area, including all of New Castle Road. With that in mind, our training reaches beyond medical calls, vehicle accidents, house fires and storm related problems. We train regularly on mass casualty and hazardous material incidents, in conjunction with our neighboring fire departments, to provide the highest level of protection for the public, as they go about their daily lives shopping in our stores and dining in our restaurants.

Lyndora Volunteer Fire Company History

Lyndora Volunteer Fire Company was the first motorized fire company in Butler Township.   Organized in 1922, as the Lyndora Volunteer Fire Company and Relief Association, with about 60 members. It was sponsored by the Butler Township Board of Commissioners which purchased a Ford truck that was used as its first fire engine. At a later date an Acme fire engine was purchased, the first true fire engine.  The Board of Commissioners appointed Alfred Macho as the first Fire Chief. Chief Macho was later followed by Chief Joseph Prementine and Chief John Namesnick, both appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

The Lyndora Volunteer Fire Company was reorganized in 1936 and received its first charter. During 1936 the construction of a fire station and firemen’s hall occurred and the Board of Commissioners traded in the Acme fire engine for a Diamond T fire engine. In 1954 the fire company made its own purchase of a 1954 Mack fire engine costing $16,500.

The fire company was very active in the community, such as holding annual carnivals and sponsoring various other community events. The fire company sponsored an all-girl drum and bugle corps for many years. This group traveled throughout the Tri-State area and won many championships and trophies for their fine work. Throughout its existence, the fire company has replaced and/or upgraded its equipment to provide the best possible service to the community.

At the time of the merger in 2013, the primary response vehicle was engine 4, a 1996 Pierce Pumper. This equipment is outfitted with a 1,500 gallon per minute pump, a 75D-gallon onboard water storage tank, and a thermal imaging camera. Other fire company equipment included Ladder 4, a 2001 Smeal 105 foot aerial ladder truck. This fire-fighting vehicle haD a 2,000-gallon per minute pump; a 300-gallon onboard water storage tank and all necessary equipment associated with a ladder truck. Our personnel transport vehicle is a former police vehicle, designated as Car 4. This vehicle in addition to transporting personnel also carried our self-contained breathing apparatuses.